Will Harold Perrineau Return?

Rumors are swirling that just about every past Lost cast member may be journeying back to the island – where death apparently isn’t always the end – as the series heads into its simpulan season. But Harold Perrineau’s not packing his bags for Hawaii just yet.

“I can only deny,” original cast member Perrineau told TV Guide Magazine about a possible return engagement as the seemingly deceased Michael Dawson – though a resurrection may be just a phone call away.

“Nobody’s said anything to me and I haven’t asked,” said Perrineau. “One of the great things I always thought about Lost is I back up and I let them do the thing that they’re really great at doing. They’re really great and creating drama and creating their show. And this way I don’t have to ask ‘Hey, what’s this? What’s that?’ I don’t ask any questions, I just show up and I let them do what they do. They’re good at it.”

That said, if the producers ring him up, Perrineau’s on the first flight to Oahu. “Of course I would show up! Are you kidding me? That’s my people!” He said he wasn’t sure if Michael could return organically back into the mythology, however. “Only if there’s some way that they’re getting back to all of those original characters that we started the journey with, and if that’s so then that makes sense to me. I don’t know other than that how it makes sense.”

“But then nothing makes sense on the show, so why am I even saying this?” he laughed.

Whatever happens, Perrineau is just as eager as any longtime viewer to find out the answers to the many mysteries Lost has posed over the years. “I still have questions – a ton of questions,” he explained. “I’m curious about how all that’s going to wrap up. There are just tons of things from when we first started that I’m still curious about.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine