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Latest Details from Kristin About Boone

Nate in Santa Monica, Calif.: Can you give me any scoop on which Lost alums are coming back?

Ian Somerhalder confirmed to us that Boone is returning to the show, but true to Lost form, he has no idea what’s going to happen. “I probably won’t know until I’m landing in Hawaii,” joked Somerhalder. Well, at least we all know Boone is dead. “Or is he?” said Somerhalder. Ian shared his take on what he’d like to see happen for Boone, dead or alive: “I would like to see him find his power. I think there was always solidarity there. Boone was a pretty successful guy who [was] in his own world and had created a certain amount of responsibility that he had. I think there was power in that, and when they took him out of his element, I think he lost his power, and we never got to see him come into fruition, by virtue of his untimely death.”

Source: E! Online

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