Greg Grunberg To Appear?

Thanks to Alienware for the heads up.

It might be a busy season for Grunberg, who has also been approached about appearing on Lost. The actor, who played pilot Seth Norris of Oceanic flight 815 in the very first episode, got a call about coming back for the last season of the hit ABC show. Grunberg is totally game for anything the Lost producers can cook up for him, but he has no idea what they are planning. “That’s literally where my call ended,” he says.

Norris didn’t survive the island, but as more of Lost’s characters who met the grim reaper are signing on to appear one last time, it would only be appropriate to bring back the man who flew them to the island in the first place. “If NBC will allow it,” Grunberg says. “I will go back.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine