Episode 6.03 – Casting Call

Here are 3 new characters for episode 6.03.

Shoot Dates for these roles are: 9/15-9/30
Producer: Jean Higgins
Director: Paul Edwards

Lets guess how long be Ausiello posts this.. 1 hr? lol

[MELKY] Male, 30s to 40s, any ethnicity. Dangerous looking guy that can be surprisingly calm. Runs a seedy chop shop and not someone to be messed with; has handled many dicey situations and is not thrown by anything…NICE CO-STAR

[JENNY] Female, early 30s, any ethnicity. Yuppie, sweet, happy and well off. Never had any problems until she receives heart-breaking news that tears her world apart. While dealing with her personal crisis, she then has to deliver bad news to someone else knowing it will hurt them, too…CO-STAR

[RUSSELL] Male, late 20s to early 40s, any ethnicity. Tough guy who takes no gruff from anyone. Executes orders efficiently but has a nice, compassionate streak that surfaces from time to time…CO-STAR

Source: DarkUFO